How to create your first Android virtual reality App in Unity

This is a video tutorial which I recently posted on YouTube. Our channel on YouTube is currently named, but this will probably change soon. So far, most tutorials cover working with the game engine Unity. This particular tutorial describes how to set up Unity for mobile VR development with Android. It also covers how to use the GoogleVR SDK to build a first demo scene. This should be a good example to demonstrate how easy it is to start VR development with Unity. If you would like to see links to the tools used in this video and skip to certain sections of the video, head over to YouTube and check the video description. If you have questions about anything covered in the video, feel free to ask anytime and comment here or over on the YouTube channel.



This video describes the steps necessary to set up Android development for Unity. We import the GoogleVR SDK for Unity, talk about interacting with objects and UI elements, use Instant Preview and publish our app for Google Cardboard or Daydream.