Overview of 3D characters: Tools, Resources, Animations

3D characters are an important part of game and simulations development, regardless of whether VR, AR, MR or traditional platforms are being targeted. Building 3D characters from scratch takes a lot of time and money and requires 3D character artists and animators who model, texture, and rig a character before it can be integrated into a game engine. For many projects it can be more feasible to purchase existing characters instead or build characters with tools that do not require the specialized knowledge of 3D modeling, rigging and animating. In a first video, I give an overview of most of these tools and how they compare to each other.

This is a comprehensive overview of a variety of different tools and vendors providing 3D characters for game and simulation development. Their features, quality, licensing and usage within the game engine Unity are discussed.

In a second video we look at the integration of 3D characters in Unity and which tools can help us to rig, animate and bring our characters to life within Unity. This saves us from learning costly and complex external software for character rigging and animation.


This video provides a basic overview of 3D character tools in Unity that can help you rig and animate your characters and add interactions through inverse kinematics. In the video, I provide high-level use cases and a brief comparison of tools.

If you have any questions about these videos and any of the tools or content being covered, leave a comment here or on the YouTube channel. There are several other videos on this channel that cover each tool in more depth.