Website update

Hi all,

I want to take this opportunity and write about the latest updates to our website. I have completed a first version of our Clinical XR resource page which contains information about the clinical and research use of XR systems - this is still a very early version of this page. I will add more clinical applications and eventually a research overview to this page as well. I also started writing the XR Resources page which contains some basics about developing XR applications and where to find resources such as 3D models, textures, audio, etc.

I updated our XR Map with a few additional people and institutions and also added email addresses and websites for most people and institutions. Clicking on any email address will open your default email program to contact whoever you choose. Clicking on any website link will open separate browser windows with the relevant link - this should make it easier to connect to other researchers. My next goals for the map are adding key publications, social media sites and also adding our events from the Event page to our map as separate icons. As always, I will be adding new people to the map regularly - I am currently going through the ICDVRAT proceedings starting from 2016 and earlier, adding each person who attended and published for the conference series.

I'll be travelling to ICDVRAT 2018 in Nottingham and VS-Games in Würzburg next week. I'll add updates from these conferences once I return 2 weeks from now.