Humble Unity Bundle

I just came across an insanely good deal for purchasing Unity assets. I have used Humble Bundles for heavily discounted game purchases in the past, but Humble Unity Bundles are just too good to miss. If you spend $15 or more, you will get the full suite of assets including:

You can find this Humble Unity Bundle here.

If that’s not enough, you also get great games such as Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut.

Even if you already own some of the assets in this pack, just purchasing most of these assets individually will set you back $50-$75. Gaia, UFPS or uMMORPG alone will make this bundle worthwhile. Once you purchased the bundle, head over to, log into your Unity account and enter the serial numbers to unlock each asset.

The bundle is available until Sept. 18th 2018. Get it while it lasts.